The Transformation Center Presents...
The 4-Step Meal Planning Guide 
(How to Cook Once & Eat All Week!)
You'll be surprised how easy and fast planning your whole week can be!
You'll Learn How To:
Plan meals for the week to save you time and $$$
How to shop smarter and avoid buying junk food
how to store and freeze your food to avoid tasting like "leftovers"
Delicious recipes that your whole family will love!
Check Out How Our Meal Planning Guide Has Helped Many People Just Like You!
Usually the IDEA of self-improvement ends up being far better than the reality. But the Liberty Transformation Center is the exception to that rule! With top-notch coaching, an excellent eating plan, fun but rigorous work-outs, and a great community, there is no down-side! I am so pleased with the progress I have made.

 I now weigh less than I have since I had my second child—26 years ago. My long-damaged shoulder is growing stronger and more reliable every week. My sleep patterns and my energy level have both improved.

-Tracy M.
"I’ve lost over 40 lbs and gained a lot strength. They help you build positive habits and teach you workout skills that will help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking to improve on your health and fitness goals I highly recommend these guys."

-Jason F.
Ben and Kevin know how to work with people who have a history of pain, who struggle with dieting, and have a fear of exercise. I had all three! In six months, everything has changed, including my attitude. 

The other day I thought I read my scale incorrectly! In six months, I have improved in my balance, endurance, strength, posture, coordination, and mobility!

-Rita C.
Are You Ready To Look, Feel, and Move Like Tracy, Jason, and Rita?
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